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iphone 4 bumper can damage your phone!

I got a shiny new iPhone 4 just after launch, and like most people suffered from a loss of signal strength. So apple sent free of charge a rubber and plastic trim for the edge of the phone they call a ‘bumper’.

So I fitted the bumper to my phone and it certainly cured the signal problem, all sorted I thought.

A couple of days ago I removed the bumper having not touched it for about 3 months and imagine my surprise to find that tiny particles of dirt had worked their way under the bumper and had badly scratched the aluminium edge of the phone!

I call ed apple customer service and explained the problem, I was told…

“I’ve never heard of that happening before…”

Which I suspect is a standard answer and total bullshit as there are hundreds of examples of this on the Internet!

Today I took my phone to an apple store and they swapped it without batting an eyelid, also confirming that they are well aware of this problem.

At least they swapped the phone but now I won’t be using the bumper/scratcher so I am looking for another solution to apple’s design balls up.


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